30 Apr 19

Ford Raptor F150 Wheels | Velgen Truck Series VFT8

Velgen is excited to showcase this LeadFoot Grey Ford F150 Raptor sporting our new Velgen Forged Truck Series VFT8 wheels. This F150 Raptor was one of the first to receive our VFT8 wheels once we released them. These Velgen VFT8 wheels are 20×10 all around and weighing in at only 33 pounds per wheel, wrapped in BF Goodrich tires (35×12.5×20). The Velgen VFT8 wheels are finished off in our Brushed Titanium finish which happens to match the LeadFoot Grey very […]

15 Apr 19

Jeep Trackhawk 707HP | Velgen VF5

We love the way this turned out!! The Trackhawk is lowered on Eibach suspension and fitted with the Velgen VF5 20×10.5 All around. At 25lbs per wheel, its one of the lightest wheel have have at the moment for Trackhawk fitment.The VF5’s were wrapped in a 295-45-20 Conti DWS, with the correct offset and perfect tire size, you receive perfection. For any more information, please feel free to contact us anytime. For more vehicles on the VF5, please click the […]

03 Apr 19

2018 Ford Mustang GT | Velgen Wheels VF5

2018 Ruby Red Mustang is sitting on Velgen Wheels VF5. The mustang is lowered with a set Eibach Sportline springs and we were able to wrap up the VF5’s with some Nitto 275-35-20 Front and 295-35-20 Rear. The Vff5’s in Gloss Gunmetal match perfect on this Ruby Red Mustang. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

29 Mar 19

Dodge Hellcat Challenger | Velgen Wheels VF5 Gloss Black

Dodge Hellcat Challenger | Velgen Wheels Light Weight Series VF5 Gloss Black The Velgen Wheels team is excited to showcase this beautiful Dodge Hellcat lowered on Velgen VF5 Gloss Black wheels. This customer went with our Velgen VF5 20×9.5 in front with a 275-40-20 tire size and the rear wheels are 20×11 with a 315-35-20 tire size. Velgen Wheels is super excited to introduce our new Light Weight Series styles with new finishes. The Velgen VF5 20×9.5 wheel weighs in […]

14 Mar 19

2018 Ford F150 | Velgen Truck Series | VFT9 24″

Here we have a 2018 Ford F150 lowered with Belltech for a 3/5 drop. This F150 XLT is sitting on Velgen Forged VFT9 24×10 wheels on all four corners. Our customer went with a brushed tinted clear finish on his black 2018 Ford F150 – what a perfect color combo with those lime green brakes. The Velgen VFT9’s are wrapped in a 305-35-24 tire size. When you mix the right wheel, right finish, and perfect fitment, you’re one step closer […]

10 Mar 19

Jeep Trackhawk | Velgen Forged SL-Series

Featured here is our first Jeep Trackhawk sitting on our Velgen Forged SL-Series wheels. The 707hp beast also happens to be lowered on Eibach suspension. We manufactured a set of Velgen SL-10 22×11 wheels with brushed and cleared centers, high-polished step-lips, stainless steel hardware and wrapped in Michelin 305-35-22 tires. Velgen offers the perfect fitment for your Jeep Trackhawk. For more information, please feel free to contact us anytime.

01 Mar 19

Ford F-150 SuperCharged | DDR Concepts | Velgen Forged Truck Series | VFT6 22″

Built by DDR Concepts, We have this 2018 Ford F-150 Supercharged sitting on Velgen Forged VFT6. The VFT6’s are Gloss Black 22×10 and they are wrapped in a Nitto 420 305-45-22.  DDR thought is was an awesome idea to add this Whipple Supercharger to this coyote.  After installing this Whipple Supercharger 725+ HP, who wouldn’t want to drive this full size Ford F150?  This Ford Goliath as a few more minor touches to it, custom dual exhaust, custom interior and […]

22 Feb 19

BMW M4 | Velgen Forged SL-9

Here’s a 2018 BMW M4 lowered  on Velgen Wheels SL-9. The SL-9’s are a Brushed Tinted Center | Brushed Tinted Lip | Stainless Steel Hardware. The 20×9.5 front is wrapped with a Pirelli 265-35-20 and 20×11 is wrapped in a Pirelli  295-30-20. The M4 is lowered in H&R suspension, the turn out of this German machine came out AWESOME! For any questions, or for a dealer near you, please feel free to contact us.    

05 Feb 19

ALL NEW!!!! Velgen Wheels VF5 | Spring 2019

We would like to introduce you to our new series, Velgen Light Weight Series. Our first style listed will be the VF5, coming in Gloss Silver , Gloss Gunmetal , Gloss Bronze , Gloss Black, Satin Black , Gloss Black Metallic. We will offer the following sizes 20×9.5 / 20×10 / 20×10.5 / 20×11 / 20×12 / 22×10.5 / 22×11. We will be working on many new fitments Velgen never offered. Please contact us for updated applications. More coming soon. […]

30 Jan 19


We have this 2017 Ford F-150 crew cab lowered on the Velgen Forged VFT9 Brushed Tinted Clear finish 24×10’s. The F-150 is lowered on a 3/5 drop with Belltech suspension. The VFT9’s are wrapped up with a 305-35-24 tire. The Vft9’s give this F-150 a nice sporty look. For more information on our truck series, please feel free to give us a call.     https://www.belltech.com