2015 Ford Mustang GT // Velgen Wheels VMB5 Matte Gunmetal

15 Feb 15
Ford Mustang-Velgen-Wheels-VMB5-1

This 2015 Ford Mustang GT with the performance package was fitted with a set of Velgen Wheels VMB5 in Matte Gunmetal.¬†Our photographer William Stern surprised us with this construction style photoshoot and makes this stang look like king of the hill. We put on a set of staggered VMB5 and wrapped them with Nitto Invo’s. The front fitment is 20×9″ and the rear fitment is 20×10.5″. As we more ads you will get to see the progress and our opinion on each product.

2015 Ford Mustang GT // Velgen Wheels VMB5 Matte Gunmetal

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2015 Ford Mustang GT-Velgen-Wheels-VMB5-1


2015 Ford Mustang GT-Velgen-Wheels-VMB5-2


2015 Ford Mustang-Velgen-Wheels-VMB5-3


2015 Ford Mustang GT-Velgen-Wheels-VMB5-4
Ford Mustang-Velgen-Wheels-VMB5-5
Ford Mustang-Velgen-Wheels-VMB5-6
Ford Mustang-Velgen-Wheels-VMB5-7
Ford Mustang-Velgen-Wheels-VMB5-8
Ford Mustang-Velgen-Wheels-VMB5-8

Ford Mustang-Velgen-Wheels-VMB5-10

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