17 Mar 2013

Lexus IS250 Teaser…

Lexus IS250 Teaser Lexus IS250 Teaser on VMB5 in Matte Gunmetal will make you want to wait and see for the final images. Our photographer was out sick so we invited our good friend Stitched Production to take some shots of this Lexus. The Lexus community has welcomed us into their community and want to thank them for giving us a chance. We have some specials on Club Lexus so be sure to check out our posts. Best concave wheels for the […]

12 Mar 2013

Full Shoot!! BMW F30 on VMB5

BMW F30 on VMB5 Full shoot launch! BMW 335 F30 sedan photoshoot release. This BMW F30 on VMB5 is one of the many 335i’s that have hit the Bimmer forums locally but we do have a few Texas/California 335i customers having their car photographed as we speak. We are so happy to see our clients reaction when the wheels are installed and lowered at the same time. The Velgen VMB% concave wheels are made to fit and require no rings […]

10 Mar 2013

BMW F30 Lowered on VMB5

BMW F30 Lowered on VMB5 The new BMW F30 lowered on VMB5 is just delicious especially in the metallic blue. Our photographer had no trouble lighting this bad boy up. Instant hell yea when we saw the first teaser below. The color, fitment is perfect. The perfect concave wheel fitment for BMW 335 F30. The VMB5 are in Matte Gunmetal with a fitment inside the fenders. Front are 20×9″ and rear are 20×10.5″. Look at that concave! This fitment is […]

09 Mar 2013

2013 Accord 9thGen Teaser

2013 Accord 9th Gen Teaser 2013 Accord 9thgen teaser running 10.5 all around on the rooftop. Sorry it’s not a high quality DSLR image but our cast concave wheels fit the Accord so nicely. Wait till you see the professional photos taken by Daniel Roy. Forget neck breaking, this is a true draw dropping concave fitment for Honda Accords. The customer chose the 10.5″ fitment wrapped with Toyo tires as a test fitment we had mounted and loved it when […]

07 Mar 2013

Matte White CLS550 Final Picture’s.

Matte White CLS550 on VMB5 Boom here are the Matte White CLS550 photoshoot images ready for the world to see. This CLS is just amazing from every angle. The concave rear wheels make the booty of the CLS seem bigger while keeping an inside the fender feel. Putting power to the ground is not a problem since our concave wheels are 10.5″ in the rear. While the photoshoot started on the highway we landed at Tropical Park for a change […]

06 Mar 2013

Matte White CLS550 on VMB5

Matte White Cls550 on VMB5 You have been teased! Matte White CLS550 rolling on VMB5 coming soon. With the previous Matte Blue CLS going viral, this customer did not hesitate to wrap his car as well. If you had a choice, would you choose Matte Blue or Matte White CLS500? This rolling show almost cost our photographer his camera haha. We told him that he had to take a show of this neck breaking Matte White CLS550 so he did. Stay […]

06 Mar 2013

Matte Blue Mercedes Benz CLS550 on Velgen VMB5

Matte Blue Mercedes Benz CLS550 on Velgen VMB5 20×9 & 20×10.5 Lady in blue is what the customer called this Matte Blue Mercedes Benz CLS550 on VMB5. Again we are killing the Mercedes concave wheel game! The metallic matte blue was the first roll of vinyl that hit Miami before most of the car wrap companies started ordering it. When we first heard about our customer going to wrap his car, he did not want us to know the color. […]

06 Mar 2013

Mercedes CLS550 lowered on Velgen VMB5 Matte Gunmetal

Mercedes CLS550 lowered on Velgen VMB5 Matte Gunmetal 20×9 | 20×10.5 Beautiful CLS550 lowered on Velgen VMB5 we photographed in Wynwood near the Port of Miami. We hit the Mercedes market right on target with our 20×9 front and 20×10.5 rear fitment. Our cast wheels are the highest standard concave wheels in the market that fit within the front wheel wells of Mercedes Benz vehicles. The CLS is the perfect example that shows the quality of our fitment in order […]

06 Mar 2013

Velgen Lexus ISF on VMB5 Matte Gunmetal

Here’s a few pictures of this slammed ISF on VMB5…Matte Gunmetal 20×9 & 20×10.5. Ready for a night out in the town. The customer was not sure what style of wheel to put until he saw another ISF on VMB5 in Silver. It was love at first sight for this customer. This wheel setup has been a hit over on Club Lexus and the Lexus community throughout the United States. The Lexus owners tell us the VMB5 classic design fits […]

21 Feb 2013


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