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17 May 2017

Ford Mustang GT500 // Bagged on Velgen Wheels VMB6

Here’s  one of the photoshoots we were glad to work with while in Detriot. This beautiful Ford GT500 Mustang is Bagged on Velgen Wheels VMB6.  For more information. Please feel free to email us at info@velgenwheels.com    

16 May 2017

Velgen Wheels Track Day

On a beautiful Saturday at Palm Beach Speedway with great people.  We have a Ford Mustang S550 lowered on Velgen Wheels vmb9 , with a Vortech Supercharger running 9’s in the quarter mile. We have had many customers say , ” You Cant go Fast with 20’s “.   We don’t think its to shabby here with some proof in the pudding. Please click on the video below and ENJOY!!!.    

20 Apr 2017


Here’s a short clip of our Mopar Madness in Baltimore. We couldn’t thank our customer’s enough for this.    

14 Apr 2017

Dodge Charger Scatpack // Velgen Wheels Classic5 Bronze

Mean while in Baltimore , Velgen Wheels was able to get ahold of this Plum Crazy Scatpack sitting on Velgen Wheels Classic5 in Bronze.   Brett, was able to wrap these puppies up with a  Good Year Eagle 245-35-20 Front  and 305-35-20 rear . For more content , please check out www. Velgenwheels.com    

13 Apr 2017

Dodge Charger Scatpack Bagged on Velgen Wheels Classic5

Check out this beautiful video of this Dodge Charger Bagged on Velgen Wheels Classic5.

28 Mar 2017

Dodge Charger Scatpack Bagged on Velgen Wheels Classic5

This beautiful Dodge Charger Scatpack is bagged on a set of Velgen Wheels Classic5 Satin Gunmetal. This current set up is 20×9 & 20×10.5. The car is bagged with Airlift Struts and AccuAir Management and was installed by Slammered Inc.  Stay tuned as we have a video coming soon….     r  

24 Mar 2017


We would like to give a BIG Thanks to Vibe Motorsports. This Chevy SS came out beautiful with the Velgen VMB6’s.  Vibe Motorsport was able to wrap up the Velgen VMB6’s with a 255-35-20 and 295-30-20 Pirelli.  We couldn’t be much happier the way this came out.    

17 Mar 2017


Manny’s Ford Mustang GT lowered on Velgen Wheels Classic5 Satin Black. The mustang is lowered on BC Coilovers, and fully equipped with Steeda components.  We wrapped the Classic5 with Nitto 255-35-20 fronts and 305-30-20 rear.   ossen

14 Mar 2017


We decided to fly out to Kentucky to capture this beast in person.   We couldn’t be happier with some new scenery and good footage of this beast. The fitment on this jeep is 22×10.5 ALL Around with 305-35-22. Suspension is Road Magnets. Click the link below to see this beast in action.  

03 Mar 2017

Dodge Challenger Hellcat Bagged on Velgen Wheels Classic5

What a trip we had. It was amazing to fly out to Tennessee to meet up with our customer.  We spent the full day getting so much footage on this beast. Please check our some images and the video that we took on this BEAST!!